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This is a roleplay journal for my original character Seyn, so if you have any questions about Seyn, her canon, or my playing of her, please ask her. Anonymous is enable, IP logging is off. All comments are screened unless asked to be otherwise.

Character Name ® Seyn Ayliffe (Knight Title: Lady Red Fang)
Character Canon ® Original Character
Character Timeline ® After the raid on their local base, where she is shot in the arm protecting Taro (another resistance member) from the gunfight.
Extra Details (a brief description of your AU, game, etc) ® Seyn is a Knight, someone who was born with an anomaly in the bio-nanotechnology that gives them altered abilities and skills that are trained to be prized fighters or bodyguards for the rich and famous. Seyn's condition led her to imprint the senses and body of a wolf to the point that she can now shapeshift into one. She spent a couple years as a Knight for the Battle Royale television show only to finally manage to escape in an transport accident. The public thinks she's dead but she was saved by members of the Scarlet Alphabet, a resistance movement trying to take by the free will and autonomy of the people from the media and capital-driven society when those with the most money are the ones truly running the government.

Contact Info
Player ® Kathrine
Email ® spkathrine[at] ® split_persona02[at]
Dreamwidth ® [personal profile] spkathrine
Plurk ® chocolateisbrainfood
Time Zone ® EST (GMT -5:00)
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Name: Seyn Ayliffe
Title: Lady Red Fang
Age: 19
Hair: Dark auburn
Eyes: Violet/Purple
Height: 5'11"
Date of Birth: 4/19/3914
Parents: Cian Ayliffe (father), Yvonne Petrova Ayliffe (mother, deceased)

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